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Industrial vision ssage scara robot BRTIRSC0603A

BRTIRSC0603A Four axis robot

Short Description

BRTIRSC0603A is flexible with multiple degrees of freedom. Suitable for printing and packaging, metal processing, textile home furnishing, electronic equipment, and other fields.

Main Specification
  • Arm Length (mm): 600
  • Repeatability (mm): ±0.02
  • Loading Ability (kg): 3
  • Power Source (kVA): 5.62
  • Weight (kg): 28
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    Product Introduction

    BRTIRSC0603A type robot is a four-axis robot that developed by BORUNTE for some monotonous, frequent and repetitive long-term operations.The maximum arm length is 600mm. The maximum load is 3kg. It's flexible with multiple degrees of freedom. Suitable for printing and packaging, metal processing, textile home furnishing, electronic equipment, and other fields. The protection grade reaches IP40.  The repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm.

    Accurate Positioning

    Accurate Positioning



    Long Service Life

    Long Service Life

    Low Failure Rate

    Low Failure Rate

    Reduce labor

    Reduce Labor



    Basic Parameters



    Max speed
















    Arm Length (mm)

    Loading Ability (kg)

    Repeated Positioning Accuracy (mm)

    Power Source (kVA)

    Weight (kg)






    Trajectory Chart


    Brief introduction of BRTIRSC0603A

    Due to its great precision and speed, the BRTIRSC0603A light weight scara robotic arm is a popular industrial robot utilized in many production operations. It is a common option for manufacturers who want quick and accurate automation solutions for repetitive operations that are challenging for people. The jointed arm of four-axis SCARA robots may move in four directions—X, Y, Z, and rotation around the vertical axis—and is designed to operate on a horizontal plane. Its mobility is based on a synchronized strategy that enables it to do tasks accurately and successfully.

    Robot pick and place application

    Maintenance Precautions

    When repairing and replacing the parts of the control cabinet, the following precautions should be observed to ensure safe operation.

    1.It is very prohibited for one person to operate the handle adjustment machine while the other is removing components or standing close to the machine. In principle, the machine can only be debugged by one person at a time.
    2.The procedure must be carried out at the same potential and with a continuous electrical short circuit between the operator's body (hands) and the control device's "GND terminals".
    3.When changing, don't impede the cable that is linked. Avoid contacting any circuits or connections that contain touching components as well as any electrical components on the printed substrate.
    4.Maintenance and debugging cannot be transferred to an automated test machine until manual debugging has proven effective.
    5.Please don't modify or swap out the original components.

    Robot with vision pick and place application

    General layout of BRTIRSC0603A

    BRTIRSC0603A is a four-axis joint robot with four servo motors driving the rotation of the four joint axes via a reducer and timing belt wheel. It has four degrees of freedom: X for boom rotation, Y for jib rotation, R for end rotation, and Z for end vertical.

    The BRTIRSC0603 body joint is built of cast aluminum or cast iron, assuring the machine's great strength, speed, precision, and stability.

    Recommended Industries

    Transport application
    Robot detection
    Robot vision application
    vision sorting application
    • Transport


    • Detection


    • Vision


    • Sorting


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