Industrial robot control system introduction

The robot control system is the brain of the robot, which is the main element determining the function and function of the robot. The control system retrieves command signals from the driving system and implementing mechanism according to the input program, and controls them. The following article mainly introduces the robot control system.

1. The control system of robots

The purpose of "control" refers to the fact that the controlled object will behave in the expected way. The basic condition for "control" is to understand the characteristics of the controlled object.

The essence is to control the output torque of the driver. The control system of robots

2. The basic working principle of robots

The working principle is to demonstrate and reproduce; Teaching, also known as guided teaching, is an artificial guidance robot that operates step by step according to the actual required action process. During the guidance process, the robot automatically remembers the posture, position, process parameters, motion parameters, etc. of each action taught, and automatically generates a continuous program for execution. After completing the teaching, simply give the robot a start command, and the robot will automatically follow the taught action to complete the entire process;

3. Classification of robot control

According to the presence or absence of feedback, it can be divided into open-loop control, closed-loop control

The condition of open loop precise control: know the model of the controlled object accurately, and this model remains unchanged in the control process.

According to the expected control quantity, it can be divided into three types: force control, position control, and hybrid control.

Position control is divided into single joint position control (position feedback, position velocity feedback, position velocity acceleration feedback) and multi joint position control.

Multi joint position control can be divided into decomposed motion control, centralized control force control, direct force control, impedance control, and force position hybrid control.


4. Intelligent control methods

Fuzzy control, adaptive control, optimal control, neural network control, fuzzy neural network control, expert control

5. Hardware configuration and structure of control systems - Electrical hardware - Software architecture

Due to the extensive coordinate transformation and interpolation operations involved in the control process of robots, as well as lower level real-time control. So, currently, most robot control systems on the market use hierarchical microcomputer control systems in structure, usually using two-stage computer servo control systems.

6. Specific process:

After receiving the work instructions input by the staff, the main control computer first analyzes and interprets the instructions to determine the motion parameters of the hand. Then perform kinematics, dynamics, and interpolation operations, and finally obtain the coordinated motion parameters of each joint of the robot. These parameters are output to the servo control stage through communication lines as given signals for each joint servo control system. The servo driver on the joint converts this signal into D/A and drives each joint to produce coordinated motion.

Sensors feedback the motion output signals of each joint back to the servo control level computer to form a local closed-loop control, achieving precise control of the robot's motion in space.

7. There are two control methods for motion control based on PLC:

① Utilize the output port of PLC to generate pulse commands to drive the motor, while using universal I/O or counting components to achieve closed-loop position control of the servo motor

② The closed-loop position control of the motor is achieved by using an externally extended position control module of the PLC. This method mainly uses high-speed pulse control, which belongs to the position control method. Generally, position control is a point-to-point position control method.


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