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Agv automatic assembling robot BRTAGV12010A


Short Description

BRTAGV12010A is a lurking jack-up transport robot using laser SLAM with QR code navigation, with a load of 100kg. Laser SLAM and QR code navigation can be switched freely to meet multiple scenes and different accuracy requirements.

Main Specification
  • Navigation Mode: Laser SLAM & QR navigation
  • Cruise Speed (m/s): 1m/s (≤1.5m/s)
  • Rated Loading (kg): 100kg
  • Driven mode: Two wheel differential
  • Weight (kg): 125kg
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    Product Introduction

    BRTAGV12010A is a lurking jack-up transport robot using laser SLAM with QR code navigation, with a load of 100kg. Laser SLAM and QR code navigation can be switched freely to meet multiple scenes and different accuracy requirements. In complex scenes with many shelves, the QR code is used for precise positioning, drilling into the shelves for packing and handling. Laser SLAM navigation is used in fixed scenes, which is not limited by the ground QR code and can operate freely.

    Accurate Positioning

    Accurate Positioning



    Long Service Life

    Long Service Life

    Low Failure Rate

    Low Failure Rate

    Reduce labor

    Reduce Labor



    Basic Parameters

    Navigation mode

    Laser SLAM & QR navigation

    Driven mode

    Two wheel differential



    Turning radius



    About 125 kg

    Ratrd loading


    Ground clearance


    Jacking plate size


    Maximum jacking height


    Performance Parameters


    ≤3% Slope

    Kinematic accuracy

    ±10 mm

    Cruise Speed

    1 m/s (≤1.5m/s)

    Battery Parameters

    Battery capacity

    0.38 kVA

    Continuous running time


    Charging method

    Manual, Auto, Quick replace

    Specific Equipments

    Laser radar

    QR code reader

    Emergency stop button


    Atmosphere lamp

    Anti-collision strip

    Trajectory Chart


    Six Features

    Six features of BRTAGV12010A:

    1. Autonomous: An advanced automatic guide robot is outfitted with sensors and navigation systems that allow it to function independently of direct human control.
    2. Flexibility: AGV can readily navigate normal roads as well as switch to other paths as needed.
    3. Efficiency: AGV can cut transportation costs while also improving delivery accuracy.
    4. Safety: AGV are outfitted with safety protection devices to prevent collisions and safeguard the safety of humans and other machines.
    5. Consistency: AGV may be trained to do specified duties consistently.
    6. Battery-powered: AGV use rechargeable battery technology, allowing them to work for longer periods of time than conventional machines.

    Equipment Maintenance

    Equipment maintenance OF Advanced automatic guide robot:

    1. The shell and universal wheel of the advanced automated guide robot should be inspected once a month, and the laser should be checked once a week. Every three months, the safety labels and buttons must pass a test.
    2. Because the robot's driving wheel and universal wheel are polyurethane, they will leave traces on the ground after extended use, necessitating routine cleaning.
    3. The robot body must undergo routine cleaning.
    4. Regular laser cleaning is necessary. The robot may be unable to recognize signs or pallet shelves if the laser is not properly maintained; it may also reach an emergency stop state without apparent explanation.
    5. AGV that have been out of service for an extended period of time must be stored with anti-corrosion measures, turned off, and the battery refilled once a month.
    6. The differential gear planetary reducer must be examined for oil injection maintenance every six months.
    7. For further information on equipment maintenance, consult the user guide.

    Recommended Industries

    Warehouse sorting application
    Loading and unloading application
    Automatic handling application
    • Warehouse sorting

      Warehouse sorting

    • Loading and unloading

      Loading and unloading

    • Automatic handling

      Automatic handling

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