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BORUNTE articulated robotic arm with pneumatic floating pneumatic spindle

BORUNTE Popular articulated robotic arm BRTIRUS0805A is a highly versatile robotic arm that can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks. This robot arm has six degrees of freedom, which means it can move in six different directions. It can rotate around three axes: X, Y, and Z and also has three rotational degrees of freedom. This gives the six-axis robot arm the ability to move like a human arm, making it very efficient at handling tasks that require intricate movements.


Main Specification
  • Arm Length(mm): 940
  • Repeatability(mm): ±0.05
  • Loading Ability(kg): 5
  • Power Source(kVA): 2.8
  • Weight(kg): 53
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    Universal industrial articulated robots are widely used in two industries:

    1. Automotive Manufacturing Industry: Six-axis robots play a significant part in the automobile production process. They may perform a variety of operations, including welding, spraying, assembling, and components handling. These robots can accomplish jobs quickly, precisely, and continuously, increasing manufacturing efficiency and assuring product quality.

    2. Electronics industry: Six-axis robots are used to assemble, test, and package electronic items. They can properly process tiny electronic components for high-speed welding and precision assembly. The employment of robots can enhance manufacturing speed and product uniformity while decreasing the likelihood of human mistake.

    Item Range Max.Speed
    Arm J1 ±170° 237°/s
    J2 -98°/+80° 267°/s
    J3 -80°/+95° 370°/s
    Wrist J4 ±180° 337°/s
    J5 ±120° 600°/s
    J6 ±360° 588°/s


    No further notice if the specification and appearance are changed due to improvement and other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


    Product Introduction

    The BORUNTE pneumatic floating spindle is used to remove minor contour burrs and mold gaps. It adjusts the spindle's lateral swing force using gas pressure, resulting in a radial output force. High-speed polishing is accomplished by changing the radial force using an electrical proportional valve and the associated spindle speed using pressure regulation. Generally, it must be used in combination with electrical proportional valves.It may be used to remove fine burrs from injection molding, aluminum iron alloy components, tiny mold seams, and edges.

    Tool detail:







    Radial floating


    Floating force range


    No-load speed

    60000 RPM(6 bar)

    Collet size


    Rotation direction


    2D version sytem picture

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