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BORUNTE 1510A type general robot with non-magnetic splitter

Short Description

BRTIRUS1510A is a six-axis robot developed by BORUNTE for complex applications with multiple degrees of freedom.The maximum load is 10kg, the maximum arm length is 1500mm. Lightweight arm design, compact and simple mechanical structure, in the state of high speed movement, can be carried out in a small workspace flexible work, meet the needs of flexible production. It has six degrees of flexibility.Suitable for painting, welding, molding, stamping, forging, handling, loading, assembling, etc. It adopts HC control system. It is suitable for injection molding machine range from 200T-600T. The protection grade reaches IP54. Dust-proof and water-proof. The repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm.

Main Specification
  • Arm Length(mm): 1500
  • Loading Ability(kg): ±0.05
  • Loading Ability(kg): 10
  • Power Source(kVA): 5.7
  • Weight(kg): 150
  • Product Detail

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    Item Range Max.Speed
    Arm J1 ±165° 190°/s
    J2 -95°/+70° 173°/s
    J3 -85°/+75° 223°/S
    Wrist J4 ±180° 250°/s
    J5 ±115° 270°/s
    J6 ±360° 336°/s


    No further notice if the specification and appearance are changed due to improvement and other reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


    Product Introduction

    The BORUNTE non-magnetic splitter may be utilized in automated processes such as stamping, bending, and separating sheet materials. Its relevant plates include stainless steel plates.Aluminum plates, plastic plates, metal plates with oil or film coatings, and so forth.Mechanical splitting involves pushing the primary push rod with a cylinder to achieve splitting. The primary push rod is furnished with racks, and the tooth pitch changes according on the plate thickness. The main push rod may travel vertically upward, and when the cylinder pushes the rack through the main push rod to contact the sheet metal, only the first sheet metal can be separated.

    BORUNTE non-magnetic splitter

    Main Specification:

    Items Parameters Items Parameters
    Applicable plate materials Stainless steel plate,aluminum plate(coated),iron plate(coated with oil) and other sheet materials Speed ≈30pcs/min
    Applicable plate thickness 0.5mm~2mm Weight 3.3KG
    Applicable plate weight <30KG Overall dimension 242mm*53mm*123mm
    Applicable plate shape None Blowing function

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