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Extensive usage industrial robot with sponge suction cups BRTUS1510AHM

Short Description

The advanced multifunctional industrial robot is a versatile and high-performance six-axis robot that meets the demands of current industrial applications. It offers six levels of flexibility.Suitable for painting, welding, molding, stamping, forging, handling, loading, and assembly. It uses HC control system. It is appropriate for injection molding machines ranging from 200T to 600T. With a spacious 1500mm arm reach and a sturdy 10kg loading capacity, this industrial robot can perform a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s assembly, welding, material handling, or inspection, our industrial robot is up for the job.


Main Specification
  • Arm Length(mm): 1500
  • Loading Ability(kg): ±0.05
  • Loading Ability(kg): 10
  • Power Source(kVA): 5.7
  • Weight(kg): 150
  • Product Detail

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    Item Range Max.Speed
    Arm J1 ±165° 190°/s
    J2 -95°/+70° 173°/s
    J3 -85°/+75° 223°/S
    Wrist J4 ±180° 250°/s
    J5 ±115° 270°/s
    J6 ±360° 336°/s




    Product Introduction

    BORUNTE sponge suction cups can be used for loading and unloading, handling, unpacking,and stacking products.Applicable items include various types of boards, wood, cardboard boxes, etc.Built in vacuum generator the suction cup body has a steel ball structure inside,which can generate suction without fully adsorbing the product. It can be directly used with an external air pipe.

    Main Specification:





    Applicable items

    Various types of boards,wood,cardboard boxes, etc

    Air consumption


    Theoretical maximum suction




    Body size


    Maximum vacuum degree


    Gas supply pipe


    Suction type

    Check valve

    sponge suction cups


    1. What is a commercial robot arm?
    A mechanical device known as an industrial robot arm is used in manufacturing and industrial operations to automate tasks that were previously performed by human beings. It has many joints and frequently resembles a human arm. It's controlled by a computer system.

    2. What are the key industries where industrial robot arms are used?
    Assembling, welding, material handling, pick-and-place activities, painting, packing, and quality inspection are all examples of industrial robotic arm applications. They are versatile and may be programmed to do a variety of tasks across numerous industries.

    3. How do commercial robotic arms work?
    Industrial robot arms perform tasks utilizing a combination of mechanical components, sensors, and control systems. Typically, they use specialized software to specify their motions, positions, and interactions with the surroundings. The control system interfaces with the joint motors, sending orders that enable for precise positioning and manipulation.

    4. What benefits may industrial robot arms provide?
    Industrial robot arms provide a variety of advantages, including improved precision, increased safety by eliminating dangerous operations from human personnel, consistent quality, and the ability to operate continuously without tiring. They can also handle large loads, work in tiny spaces, and execute tasks with high repeatability.


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