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Six axis general robot arm with axial force position compensator

Short Description

BORUNTE created the Multifunctional six-axis arm robot for sophisticated applications requiring many degrees of freedom. The maximum load is ten kilograms, and the maximum arm length is 1500mm. The lightweight arm design and compact mechanical construction allow for high-speed movement in a limited area, making it suitable for flexible production demands. It offers six levels of flexibility. Suitable for painting, welding, molding, stamping, forging, handling, loading, and assembly. It uses HC control system. It is appropriate for injection molding machines ranging from 200T to 600T. The protection grade is IP54. Water-proof and dust-proof. Repetitive positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm.

Main Specification
  • Arm Length(mm): 1500
  • Loading Ability(kg): ±0.05
  • Loading Ability(kg): 10
  • Power Source(kVA): 5.7
  • Weight(kg): 150
  • Product Detail

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    Item Range Max.Speed
    Arm J1 ±165° 190°/s
    J2 -95°/+70° 173°/s
    J3 -85°/+75° 223°/S
    Wrist J4 ±180° 250°/s
    J5 ±115° 270°/s
    J6 ±360° 336°/s




    Product Introduction

    With the use of an open-loop algorithm to modify the balancing force in real time using gas pressure, the BORUNTE axial force position compensator is made for a constant output polishing force, resulting in a smoother axial output from the polishing tool. Choose between two settings that allow the instrument to be used as a buffer cylinder or to balance its weight in real time. It may be applied to polishing situations, including the outside surface contour of irregular components, surface torque needs, etc. With buffer, debugging time may be shortened in the workplace.

    Main Specification:





    Contact force adjustment range


    Position compensation


    Force control accuracy


    Maximum tool loading


    Position accuracy




    Applicable models

    BORUNTE robot specific

    Product composition

    1. Constant force controller
    2. Constant force controller system

    BORUNTE axial force position compensator

    Equipment maintenance:

    1. Use a clean air source
    2. When shutting down, power off first and then cut off the gas
    3. Clean once a day and apply clean air to the power level compensator once a day

    Self balancing force setting and manual gravity fine-tuning:

    1.Adjust the robot's posture so that the force position compensator is perpendicular to the ground in the direction of the "arrow";

    2.Enter the parameter page, check "Self balancing force" to open, then check "Start self balancing" again. After completion, the force position compensator will respond and rise. When it reaches the upper limit, an alarm will sound! "Self balancing" changes from green to red, indicating completion. Due to the delay in measurement and overcoming the maximum static friction force, it is necessary to repeatedly measure 10 times and take the minimum value as the input force coefficient;

    3.Manually adjust the self weight of the modification tool. Generally, if it is adjusted downwards to allow the floating position of the force position compensator to hover freely, it indicates completion of balance. Alternatively, the self weight coefficient can be directly modified to complete debugging.

    4.Reset: If there is a heavy object installed, it needs to be supported. If the object is removed and hooked, it will enter the "pure buffering force control" state, and the slider will move down.

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