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Multifunctional general robot with pneumatic floating pneumatic spindle

Short Description

BRTIRUS1510A is a six-axis robot is designed by BORUNTE for complex applications needing several degrees of freedom. The maximum load is 10 kilos, with a maximum arm length of 1500mm. The lightweight arm design and compact mechanical structure enable high-speed movement in a small space, making it ideal for variable production demands. It provides six degrees of versatility.It is suitable for painting, welding, molding, stamping, forging, handling, loading, and assembly. It employs the HC control system. It is suitable for injection molding machines ranging from 200 to 600 tonnes. The protection grade is IP54. Waterproof and dust-proof. Repetitive positioning accuracy is±0.05mm.

Main Specification
  • Arm Length(mm): 1500
  • Loading Ability(kg): ±0.05
  • Loading Ability(kg): 10
  • Power Source(kVA): 5.7
  • Weight(kg): 150
  • Product Detail

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    Item Range Max.Speed
    Arm J1 ±165° 190°/s
    J2 -95°/+70° 173°/s
    J3 -85°/+75° 223°/S
    Wrist J4 ±180° 250°/s
    J5 ±115° 270°/s
    J6 ±360° 336°/s

    Product Introduction

    The BORUNTE pneumatic floating spindle is intended to eliminate small contour burrs and mold gaps. It employs gas pressure to control the spindle's lateral swing force, resulting in a radial output force. High-speed polishing is accomplished by regulating the radial force with an electrical proportional valve and the spindle speed with a pressure regulator.Typically, it is used in tandem with electrical proportional valves.It may be used to remove fine burrs from injection molding, aluminum iron alloy parts, and tiny mold seams and edges.

    Tool detail:







    Radial floating


    Floating force range


    No-load speed


    Collet size


    Rotation direction



    Pneumatic floating pneumatic  spindle

    Application environments:

    (1) Material handling and stacking

    (2) Packaging and assembly

    (3) Grinding and polishing

    (4) Laser welding

    (5) Spot welding

    (6) Bending

    (7) Cutting / deburring


    Matters that require attention in six-axis multipurpose robotic arm BRTIRUS1510A:

    1.Professional electricians must do the wiring procedure, which can only begin after confirming that the power supply has been unplugged.

    2.Please mount it on metal and other flame retardants and avoid combustible materials.

    3.Make sure the grounding connection is connected to the ground wire; otherwise, it may cause electric shock or fire.

    4. If the external power supply malfunctions, the control system will fail. To ensure that the control system operates safely, please set the safety circuit outside of the system. 

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